Statistic Processing and Display for Left4Dead

L4DStats is my contribution to the Left4Dead community.

In short it allows a Dedicated Server owner to process the log files generated from their server and display them on a website for whatever reason they may have.

L4DStats includes a PHP processor that can be run from a browser or as a cronjob. If you prefer to use binaries instead of php scripts there are two .NET applications available (a GUI and a Console) for use on Windows or Linux with the use of Mono.

A Clan or Dedicated Server owner could install a single instance of the LAMP setup and then deploy an unlimited number of the parsers to their other servers (each remote server having its own Unique ID) and centralise all logs in one place!

The Stats website itself features Top Players, Top Weapons, Highest Scoring Game, Player Matrix’s, Graphs, and more.

The (stable) demo site is available here: http://demo.L4DStats.co.uk and the Subversion Nightly build version is available here: http://dev.L4DStats.co.uk

The next scheduled release is 0.4.

If you want to get in touch my email address is:
gareth _AT_ NetworksAreMadeOfString.co.uk

Link to L4DStats

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L4DStats is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.